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What kind of fruit did I press?

Posted by Jason MacArthur 
What kind of fruit did I press?
January 05, 2020 05:43PM
Last fall I gathered fruit from a very bushy roadside tree, about 10' tall, which produced a beautiful rose colored juice which has fermented beautifully. The land-owners are convinced that it was a quince tree, but the fruits were unlike any quince I have ever seen. They may have been crab-apple, but again, they were very unusual for a crab. I noticed the other day that the tree was cut down by the town road crew, which has got me thinking about what kind of fruit I actually pressed!
About the size of a large plum the fruits were deeply red fleshed and skinned with the seeds arranged in a star like pattern the way they would be in an apple. The fruits got very soft on the tree in a way that did not seem like an apple at all- they became as soft as a plum but without breaking down the way a plum would, retaining a slightly fibrous or granular quality even when fully soft. They have a calyx end which resembles a pomegranate or something akin to that... very confusing!
I do have one bad picture of the tree but don't know how to share it- if anyone has any guesses or suggestions as to what this might have been I'd love pointers!
Re: What kind of fruit did I press?
March 20, 2020 03:06AM
This may be a long shot but could it have possibly been a Medlar tree?

Lesley Run Orchard, Zone 5b/6a, West Alexandria, Ohio
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