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Moving forward, the future of the forum

Posted by James Smith 
Moving forward, the future of the forum
March 09, 2022 04:34PM
I have not posted since Michael's passing, it and the passing of an esteemed member of another forum I participate in a few days prior to Michael took the wind out of my sails, so to speak. I read how some of you suggested keeping the 'Michael' thread for memorialising and start a new thread for discussing how to keep the forum going, yet nobody has. So, I decided to come out of my shell, take the proverbial bull by the horns, and do just that.

Here it is folks, the thread to discuss the future of the forum.

Other than that, there probably isn't much I can offer. I was trying to do my part in the past few months, I was the first to respond to Michael's 'Do you care?' thread after a few months dearth from posting. The next month we were close to having the topic column on the left with all posts in that month, Michael suggested we were close to achieving what he called a 'trifecta'. I did a couple of shameless things to reach that goal. Michael and I had a PM exchange joking about it, I had no idea that soon I would be cherishing that exchange even more.

But outside of that I don't know what I can offer, I'm a noob at orcharding, and I am not a tech guy, and I have no idea of what it takes to run a website and forum. All I can offer is past experience as food for thought.

Back in the infancy of the internet, email began to replace the postal service for correspondence chess. Not only was it cheaper by not having to purchase stamps, it opened it up to more international play. One of the early organisations was the IECC, International Email Chess Club. I don't remember how it was managed on a higher level, but tournaments and matches were organised by volunteer tournament directors, of which I was one. It may be that we need a managing committee with volunteer moderators to spread the workload.

The other forum I participate in has 'free' side and a 'pay' side. The 'free' side is much like GOA, articles and information. Anyone can access it, but those who are not paying members have to deal with ads, which help fund the site. Paying members (it is around twenty something dollars a year, just went up modestly for newer members) are spared the ads and can participate in the forum.

That.. that...that.s all I have to offer, folks. At least for now.

Washington Okanogan Valley
Zone 6b
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