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New book: Hardy Apples by Bob Osborne

Posted by Claude Jolicoeur 
New book: Hardy Apples by Bob Osborne
June 16, 2022 03:17AM
A new very nice book for us apple geeks!
Hardy Apples - Growing Apples in Cold Climates, is just released. The author is Bob Osborne, the owner of Corn Hill Nursery in New Brunswick, one of the best nurseries in Canada, so Bob knows his subject...
It covers most of the essentials, including the origins in Kazakhstan, tree biology, the orchard, the soil, planting and maintenance, pest and disease control, harvest and storage, propagation, and the description and stories about nearly 100 varieties that will grow and fruit in colder climates.
The book is beautifully illustrated with plenty of photos mainly by Beth Powning, but also some by John Bunker and by myself for the cider apples...
All in all, a beautiful and pleasant to read book, that we might want to leave on the coffee table...

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