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So, you are excited about making cider?

Posted by Paul Weir 
So, you are excited about making cider?
October 09, 2013 03:11PM
So, you are excited about making cider?

Claude Jolicoeur has brought us, The New Cider Maker's Handbook, a new book that few have seen associated with the craft of cider making; a book that approaches cider making from an engineer's perspective, a book that bridges the ground between the art and the science. He has brought together a book that will take you as deep into the subject as you wish to go. Do you like precise formulas? Do you find yourself wishing you had a go-to chart on the various measurements of sugar content or CO2 considerations? Want to learn the techniques that will help you to take 1st prize at the next cider tasting event?

Whether you are just getting started with your first batch or have been making cider for years. There is something in Claude's new book for everyone. You are guaranteed to come away with actual author tested techniques and key formulas for everything from yeast trails and approaches to sugar & acid testing to great detail on keeving techniques and even how to make a genuine Ice Cider (Cidre de Glace).

I have read numerous good books on cider making and I don't believe I have ever seen a single source that has so many author reflected and shared, real life, accounts of a multitude of processes, approaches and actual records shared for cider making. Claude avoids merely sighting other researchers findings, or mere anecdote, in favor of a consistent style of sharing mainly what he himself has learned in his many years in working on his craft.

This book is geared towards advanced cider making techniques and will be a great benefit to any craft maker who is determined to take his cider to an award winning level.

Ready to order a copy for yourself? Want to do it online right now? Don't automatically go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble . . . Why not buy it from the Holistic Orchard Network's own Online Bookstore? Every book you buy from our HON bookstore adds valuable dollars to the cost of running our special operation. From the website hosting to time spent on newsletters and maintaining grower resources, all profits from book sales go right back into the operation we all find so valuable.

Please join me in a cider toast to Claude for his passion on this subject, his commitment to excellence and his willingness to share what he has learned


Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California

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Re: So, you are excited about making cider?
October 09, 2013 11:20PM
Thanks, Paul,
These are certainly some of the nicest words I have seen about The New Cider Maker's Handbook!
And please feel free to raise some of the topics of the book for further discussion.

Jolicoeur Orchard
Zone 4 in Quebec
Re: So, you are excited about making cider?
October 22, 2013 01:00AM
After I read Paul's review of Claude's new book, I ordered 3 copies, 1 to read, and 2 to give as presents. The book is now my standard night time reading, as it's so interesting it keeps me awake reading it. I've tried to read other cider books, but this one has loads of practical information, and is well written. French terms are thrown in occasionally, which spices things up. Highly recommended.
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