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Storage merits of Kikusui Asian Pear

Posted by Robbie Anderman 
Storage merits of Kikusui Asian Pear
June 06, 2014 12:08AM
Hello Orchard Friends.
Ethan just went to the cellar for one reason or another.... and brought out two Kikusui Asian Pears that had maybe 1/4 of each with a black bruise mark on it.
I've just tasted it. "Sweet and Flowery", with a minor bitter after taste.
There are more of them still in the cellar on June 5th..... beside a few Gold Russet apples .....
The key point is that this is an old log farmhouse cellar, with dirt floor, not a tight seal to the outside, stone and/or cement walls on most sides... below a hardwood floor that got heated nearly all the winter.
The winter was down to -30 for a fair bit this past winter.
The dirt floor flooded 8" or more for a week or two (the apple bins are on cement blocks to keep them from the floor and flood)
Compared to the other 11 varieties of hardy pears that we grow, this is the ONLY one that keeps more than a month... and is still crunchy and sweet and yummy 8 months after harvest.
We received the bud wood from Ken Taylor of Green Barn Nursery (Windmill Point on Ile de Perrot, QC) and put two buds on a Gold Spice Pear tree that was already grafted on pyrus ussuriensis. Ken said this would survive our winters, and keep for maybe even a year. We had enough this year to practice self discipline and see how long they will keep. I'll keep you updated as the season progresses.
And I wish I'd had more buds and put them on more branches. (Ken said his Kenko variety would also be just as hardy. Shenseiki maybe a little less hardy)

Morninglory Farm
Zone 3b* in Ontario
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