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Douce de Charlevoix

Posted by Claude Jolicoeur 
Douce de Charlevoix
February 01, 2013 10:33PM
I discovered the Douce de Charlevoix apple in the village of Baie-Saint-Paul, county of Charlevoix, Quebec. It appears to be from a seedling rootstock that overgrew the grafted variety. In fact, I thought I was taking grafting wood from the grafted variety, but I didn’t have much experience at the time (it was in 1984) and I took by mistake the wood from the rootstock sucker. This error was finally beneficial as this apple turned out to be an excellent cider apple with low acidity and a slight bitterness.

Douce de Charlevoix is a very handsome apple that reach about 2.5 inches / 65 mm across, it is rather conical in shape and striped orange-red on a greenish background. It is productive annually, vigourous and perfectly hardy in zone 4. Its hardiness is still unknown in colder locations. In my orchard, it gets very little scab even if I don't spray. The juice has a nice flavor with a mild bitterness. Some cider apple growers are currently testing it in different locations which should eventually permit to assess its qualities in various growing conditions. And a nursery has recently started to sell trees. This is a first class apple for early season cider. It blends nicely with the Bilodeau in particular, and gives a touch of bitterness and a mouth feel which are quite remarkable for such an early season cider.

Number of samples tested : 22
Sugar: medium, SG 1.052 (1.045 - 1.060)
Acidity: low, TA 2.9 g/ℓ (2.2 - 4.0)
Tannin: medium, astringent juice, slightly bitter
Juice yield: high
Harvest date: early to mid September; first pressing season
Cultural notes: vigorous, excellent hardiness, no sensitivity to scab

(Extracted from my cider book to come, by end of summer 2013 at Chelsea Green Publishing)


Jolicoeur Orchard
Zone 4 in Quebec

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Re: Douce de Charlevoix
February 05, 2013 02:43PM
Nice write up Claude. Sounds very promising.

Did a quick search and didn't see any nurseries offering this one in the states. Do you know otherwise?

Claude also has a nice photo of the lovely Douce de Charlevoix apple hosted at Picasaweb.

Looking forward to the cider book you have coming out. Exciting!


Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California
Re: Douce de Charlevoix
February 05, 2013 03:07PM
I had put the picture with the post the other day, but somehow it disappeared. I don't know why.
It is Siloam Orchard in Ontario that has started to sell trees of it, and soon another nursery in Quebec should also offer it. They got some wood 2 years ago to propagate it. In the US, John Bunker is currently testing it, and FEDCO should offer it soon hopefully. Quite a few others are testing it, but they are apple growers/cider makers, and not nurserymen!

Jolicoeur Orchard
Zone 4 in Quebec
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