Low N leaves, High Nitrate Soil - what to do?
September 14, 2021 10:53PM
Our small blueberry plot (~400 SF) has ~40 y/o bushes. If there are any knowledgable blueberry people out there, we could use your help, please!

This year's soil report came back with high Nitrates (~200%) and low Ammonia. However, the leaf analysis we submitted came back with low Nitrogen. This is no surprise -- shoot growth has been <8-10" the last few years. But I'm not sure why one is low and the other is high.

The soil outfit that did our report (it is a "Bio" focused company) recommended just adding more Nitrates (via Ca-Nitrate) to deal with this. I'm scratching my head at how that's going to help, when there are already very high Nitrates in the soil.

Is there some other function that low N uptake is related to? pH perhaps?

Related to that last point -- we are at about 5.7 and inching it a bit further down, hopefully. But chlorosis has definitely been an issue for these blueberry leaves, and it has been this year, too, despite our sulfur application. Any other rec's for helping this aspect out? (We heavily mulch each year, so hopefully that is helping with localized pH levels around the blueberry roots).

Thanks, all!

Zone 7a in West-Central MD
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