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Posted by Todd Parlo 
February 25, 2013 08:29PM
V. riparia X V. labrusca. Small red wine grape, blue-black berry. Ok fresh eating. High acid and sugar.Frontenac is an interspecific hybrid between Vitis vinifera and V. riparia. Parents are Minnesota 89 X Landot 4511. The cross was made in 1978 by P.R. Hemstad, J.J. Luby and P.R. Pierquet at Ecelsior, Minnesota. It was introduced to growers in 1996. Originally known as MN1047. In Minnesota, it is the most widely planted red wine grape.

Fruit - Small to medium sized blue to blue/black berry. An intense juice color is the relult of the high skin to pulp ratio. Medium sized clusters are conical in shape and have a small shoulder. Clusters are loose, about 7" in length, and weigh an average of .34 lbs (152gm). Berry splitting and bunch rot are rare even in wet years with this cultivar. Relatively high in acid and sugar.

This is a good choice for wine seekers in colder areas. We have vines both outside and under cover, and appears fully hardy, having ripened fully most years. One vine I have on a barn wall produced about a peck of nice clusters. It is categorized as a wine grape, but we do enjoy them fresh, so I would call this a double purpose fruit, or a triple since it is likely to make a nice juice.

Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard
Zone 3 in Vermont
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