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Animal Systems in Orchards

Posted by Ethan Gouge 
Animal Systems in Orchards
June 16, 2014 10:01PM
I am currently in my first year piecing together a multi-species, multi-income stream farming/orchard operation. The current system I am experimenting with includes rotating small sheep through the orchard and berry fields, followed by poultry (laying hens and eventually Turkey broilers). Does anyone have an insight from experience working a fruit tree/under-story/animal stacking system? I've got the basics covered (min. branch height, fencing systems, etc.) The information I will be looking to collect over the next few years, if not already available are the details of such a relationship as it pertains to growing fruit holistically; ie how to time rotations to best account for scab spores, average nitrogen dose per tree the manure brings and it's effect on fruit production, quality and taste, rotation timing for root flush, fruit drop, leaf drop, how to balance diverse under-story species with quality grazing plants etc.

Roan Highlands Farm 6b, Roan Mountain, TN elevation: 3200 ft.

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