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Logging Orchard events as a spreadsheet

Posted by Ian Graham 
Logging Orchard events as a spreadsheet
July 02, 2021 01:56AM
Following Michael's example I started a TRacking Scab sheet which was very useful. Less intimidating that I expected because temps could be accessed from a local airport or PWS.
But after primary scab season there are still cycles to track, including degree days over 50 for CM and just old fashioned comments about whta is observed.
So I kept adding columns and now I'm up to about 80 days of history.
Seems would be instructive to see these logs for different orchards in analog climate zones.
Would not be much work to save in googledrive and make shareable by request.
I'm offering mine to start off, tho I know it's format leaves a lot to be desired.
Link is [docs.google.com]

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