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research protocols

Posted by Michael Phillips 
research protocols
March 29, 2013 07:02PM
The Holistic Research Committee will be posting a series of protocols in the Library tied to specific project areas. These provide the "consistency basis" by which a grower anywhere can do site research and then in turn provide useful data back to the network for broad interpretation. Protocols like this will be posted for review by any grower motivated to dedicate a small amount of time weekly to practical research. The resulting data then becomes useful for post-season analysis ... the summation of which will be posted on the network research pages in time for each new growing season. The goal here is straightforward: I see this has worked for several others, by golly, and now I'm going to do this too! Fine-tuning holistic options and thereby sharing practical findings begin with the protocols.

The very first one, entitled Orchard Brix Protocol, spells out how to collect brix readings in the orchard. Growers can either take "system brix" on a weekly basis to compare regionally or "action brix" to note the effectiveness of specific nutrient sprays.

Other ideas this season include comparisons of holistic and organic methodologies for apple scab, the same again for brown rot on stone fruits, brewing quassia wood chips to extract quassin as an herbal remedy for European Apple Sawfly, and understory management trials for "organic high density" plantings.

Network members are always invited to read assorted protocols and make suggestions.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire

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