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Grafts in nursery

Posted by Jeff Harner 
Grafts in nursery
April 24, 2017 11:39PM
This will be my third year grafting (mostly cider and heirloom, some "Botany of Desire" varieties, grafted onto Bud 9, M.111, Bud 118, and Antonovka). All the trees are still in a nursery, with the oldest ones starting to bloom this year. I've got another year or so until my orchard land will be ready for transplanting, so I'm wondering how long is too long to be kept in a nursery bed. Is there anything in particular I should be doing to the trees while they're in the nursery? Am I doing any long-term damage to them by keeping them like this for so long?

-Jeff Harner
Zone 7a, Maryland (with ultimate destination in Zone 6a)
Re: Grafts in nursery
April 26, 2017 05:19AM
The longer you leave them the harder it will be to lift them and transplant them without tearing off a lot of the roots. About 3 years old is about as long as I would leave them, IMO.

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