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Parafilm breaking down

Posted by Joanne Corkum 
Parafilm breaking down
June 06, 2017 03:24PM
Last year we grafted trees and used parafilm plus Dr. Farwell's wax. This year we attended a grafting seminar and the fella said don't bother with the wax- parafilm will do the job.

So this year we field grafted 170 trees and also did some bench grafts.=which we planted out in the orchard.

We have done a few holistic sprays this spring and noticed after the first two that the parafilm seemed to be disintegrating. We are wondering about the soap in the spray which is added as an emulsifier? Could it be emulsifying the parafilm?

I retaped the majority but the same thing seems to be happening. When should we stop worrying about the disintegration of the parafilm?

The trees were grafted about nearly 8 weeks ago and the majority have leafed out...

G2V Farm
Gaspereau, Nova Scotia
Re: Parafilm breaking down
June 06, 2017 06:32PM
I've never noticed that. I have accidentally left parafilm on some of my chip buds over winter and it is still tightly wound on next spring. Unless you got some bad product, perhaps the soap is in fact breaking it down prematurely ?

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