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Grafting/Budding Heartnuts

Posted by David Maxwell 
Grafting/Budding Heartnuts
June 11, 2017 11:00PM
This may be off topic, (in which case I may well not get any responses...). I planted two named variety heartnut trees 4 years ago. Because I did not have room in my orchard for any more trees, I asked my neighbour if I could put one on his property, and he enthusistically agreed. He has now, with equal enthusiasm, decided that my heartnut tree is bigger than he anticipated, and must be removed - the sooner the better. So I am desperately trying to save the wood from the tree he is itching to cut down, and graft it onto the tree I have, (so I will have both Campbell CWW, and Imshu on the same tree.). I am going at this every way I know of. I have dormant wood cut in the early spring, to be used for grafting, and want to supplement this with patch grafts of wood from the tree to be cut down, using fresh wood salvaged when he does so. Grafting nut trees seems to be a lot more difficult than apples or pears, and I am looking for all the guidance I can get. In particular, despite assiduous reading of The Grafter's Handbook, I cannot figure out precisely what wood to be cutting my patch graft scion wood from - last year's growth, (where the buds are tiny, and almost non-existent), previous years' growth, ...? What appears on the tree currently bears no relationship to the scion wood I cut several months ago, which has huge fat buds, both primary and secondary. I suspect that, despite being stored in the fridge, the scion wood has broken dormancy, and what I am looking at is sprouted wood. Could I use this wood for my patch grafts?? (Maybe depends on whether the bud patches will slip on the stored scion wood...) Anybody got experience budding Juglans? (Heartnuts are a sport of Japanese Walnuts)

Broomholm Orchard
Zone 5b in Nova Scotia
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