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Grafts not taking

Posted by Henry Jacobson 
Grafts not taking
July 15, 2017 10:33AM
Hello folks,

So I grafted way back in late April early May as I live in Wisconsin. Since I have only been grafting for 2 years I still have some questions that cannot be found in the Google Search engine. I have also observed some things that I find interesting with the apple trees and whatnot.

I'd say 60% of my apple trees that I grafted took. I have a young farmer friend who wanted 10 apple trees on M111 rootstock of Wolf River and his Duchess tree. So I split the varieties 5 and 5. Back in May I made the mistake of leaving the scions heeled in outside after having the callous heal in the barn. Here in Wisconsin we had a 13 day streak of no rain and really, really warm weather. In May. Some apple trees took right away and others not. I watered them every other day but still seemed to be drying out. So after that streak, I dug them up, put them in buckets, and gave them a good drink. I set them in the barn because it was cooler in there. Well it's mid-July and most of them actually popped in the barn. The cool temperature from the shade and the cool stone floor must do amazing things. Here's my question. I have some scions that have not taken but are still green. Why the heck are they doing this to me?

Henry Jacobson

Central Wisconsin Apple Rediscovery Project
New London, WI
Zone 5a
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