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Grafting Prunus

Posted by Tom Kleffman 
Grafting Prunus
March 11, 2021 07:10AM
I planted 10 Contender peaches on my orchard which is just south of Lake Superior 2 years ago. Was a rough summer for me, involving me being in another bad car wreck. There was no watering of them after being planted and 5 of them did not make it through the summer, although their roots put up a single sprout late in the summer, which all 5 of those tops died, but then sprouted larger root sprouts this last summer which appear to be in good shape. They also appear to be plums which makes sense. I took some cuttings from the 5 peaches that are doing fine and plan on regrafting to the now established root systems of the old plum rootstocks.

Related to that, is that I stumped my Nankings here at home because they had taken over my back yard without being useful as they are so large that all new growth drapes along the ground and not easy for me to pick. Plus Carmine Jewel wildly outperforms them and I am going with that as my primary sour cherries up on my orchard.

In the area the long branches had draped over the ground, I found about a dozen Nanking seedlings. All about 2' tall.

So, I have the wood, and was wondering about grafting some of the Contender peaches to them.

But I can find absolutely no literature on anyone who has ever grafted cold hardy peaches to a Nanking. Have any of you done it? Or know of anyone who has?

I also have some seedling sour cherry/plum crosses as well I can use. Heck, will use them all if they work. Just looking for prior knowledge from someone.

Tom Kleffman
currently building a fruit orchard from scratch on the Bayfield Peninsula of Wisconsin, 4 miles south of Lake Superior, dead center of the snow belt, zone 5.

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Re: Grafting Prunus
May 26, 2021 10:55AM
I have 5 year old contender on American plum roots, it is outgrowing its roots a little and has yet to fruit. Veteran is the only other success I had and I buried the graft at planting time. I haven’t gotten any other peaches to take, but frankly have had shtty luck with peaches in general, probably jumping the gun and grafting too early.
I saw your post late, but how’d it go?
Re: Grafting Prunus
December 08, 2021 05:49AM
it didnt. physical infirm issues left me concentrating on just planting the last 85 planned trees in the orchard. So, next spring, maybe.

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