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"Not Cider" scionwood for sale

Posted by Todd Parlo 
"Not Cider" scionwood for sale
February 14, 2017 09:24PM
We have a slowly swelling list of scionwood up on the website, but it should be up to a couple of hundred as the collection goes on. Check with Paul first for cider varieties, he was here first, but we may have a little left, but most went fast. Cider wood is as big a rage as cider making these days. I just hope we all eat healthy food as much as we punch our livers. All is good though.

We also have a limited amount of seedling, hardy rootstocks, and other goodies. Everything certified organic.


Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard
Zone 3 in Vermont
Re: "Not Cider" scionwood for sale
February 15, 2017 09:19PM
Thanks for posting Todd,

I'm checking out your site now. I am a bit of a scion junky.

Paul Weideman
Fencerow Cider
Imlay City, MI
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