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Looking for (mostly) French Cider variety scionwood for this budding season

Posted by Mike Biltonen 
I am trying to track down some specific budwood for budding season coming up. Although the qtys vary, I am seeking about 750 viable buds for each. I have some or all of a few of the varieties already covered, but would like to learn of additional sources.

Averolles, Douce Moen, Guillevic, Petite Jaune, Rambault, Michelin, Domaines, Medaille D’Or, Muscadet de Dieppe, NW Greening.

I appreciate any insight or input into where to source these varieties. If you don’t have or can’t supply, but know of a potential source, please let me know. mike (at) knowyouroots.com

Mike Biltonen, Know Your Roots
Zone 5b in New York
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