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Cider Apples for Sale

Posted by Brittany Kordick 
Cider Apples for Sale
August 11, 2020 08:14PM
Hi All,

Our orchard primarily raises American cider and heirloom apple varieties using holistic practices (if you're interested in what we spray specifically, our website, www.kordickfamilyfarm.com, has a list of what we spray and why under the "Our Growing Practices" section). I met many of you at this past winter's Berkshire Roundtable, and was surprised to find so many hard cider-makers were part of the group, and that so many of these foraged apples exclusively, or to supplement their own cider fruit supply.

We are in central North Carolina, so we start harvesting apples much earlier than those of you in New England. It occurred to me that it might be beneficial for some of you cidermakers to have an holistic cider apple source earlier in the season, so you can start producing cider before your main season. When my mother started out making hard cider, she had only just planted her orchard, and there weren't many cider apples to be found in our neck of the woods, so we did occasionally head to New England orchards with a truck and trailer in order to have fruit to work with. The logistics won't be fun, and probably especially not in 2020, but just wanted to put this out there in case it's of interest to any of you.

We have just started harvesting our 'Redfield' apples, so this is what prompted the thought to advertise here. Next up, 'Roxbury Russet.' Our email address is cheers@kordickfamilyfarm.com, and the phone number is 336-351-5186 if anyone is interested in more availability and pricing.


Kordick Family Farm
Westfield, NC
Zone 7a
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