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Aerated Compost Tea Production/Evaluation

Posted by Nick Segner 
Aerated Compost Tea Production/Evaluation
June 24, 2015 08:51PM
I'm putting up a new thread to see if there are any others out there making his/her own aerated compost teas (rather than EM/Bokashi). If so, I'd like to start a discussion on this process and on qualitative analysis of AACT by light microscope.

We have been making our tea with a 25 gallon Growing Solutions setup. So far we have been learning the process with the help of books by Dr. Elaine Ingham, help from local AACT makers who own our local organic fert shop, and via online correspondence.

The thing about AACT is that it's still relatively in it's infancy. Those of us doing it can benefit from each other's experience greatly to try and make the highest quality teas possible.

Let's talk!

Nick Segner

Wildcat Valley Farm
Zone 8b
Olympic Peninsula Rainshadow
Port Angeles, Washington

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