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high hopes

Posted by Michael Phillips 
high hopes
March 11, 2020 02:09AM
We had a great opening session at this year's Berkshire Meeting on breeding apple cultivars, courtesy of Eliza Greenman. Much was learned; much more can be learned. Meanwhile, I promised to open a new forum category to share genetic potential and proven techniques that put bioregional prospects on everyone's radar screen. Nor do the discussions need to be limited to Malus species.

If this is your thing then indeed start a conversation. I'm pretty sure there is never going to be a variety called "Lurker" . . . though sharing names is definitely part of the fun in bringing a deserving cultivar to the fruit world. What qualities make for a good mother tree? And why do you think another specific cultivar might prove a worthy father? Cross pollination can lead anywhere but sometime the odds can be reasonably ecstatic. Anyone can do this, especially given an engaged community to run down those inevitable questions. And so I cheer you all on!

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire

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