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Using copper for sooty blotch

Posted by Jassy Bratko 
Using copper for sooty blotch
July 06, 2013 05:55PM
My orchard is in Hubbardston, Ma and certified organic. Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck are a real problem for me and at the apple forum in 2012 there was discussion of using NuCop 50 as a summer spray to prevent it. As I recall it was a light application that was done twice in July.

Could anyone give me the correct application rate for this purpose?

Thanks for any advice!

High Meadow Farm
Zone 5a in Massachusetts

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Re: Using copper for sooty blotch
July 10, 2013 05:36AM
Hi Jassy,

From the labels (Nucop 50 DF, Nucop 50 WP) it looks like 1 lb/acre is the low rate vs fire blight (SBFS is not on the label), with 1-3 lb of spray lime per lb of NuCop to reduce russeting. I'm not sure how 1 or 2 sprays will do. I'm using a rotation of sprays--lime sulfur (2 qt/100 gal), Armicarb + Silmatrix (approved silica product), Armicarb + oil about every 2 weeks until the week before harvest. I don't like to do all those sprays, but in the past SBFS has bitten me hard. I still am not sure how these sprays will do for Goldens and late varieties.

I look forward to hearing about what you do and how it works. I wish we had more positive approaches!

Best of luck,

Hemlock Grove Farm
Zone 5 in New York
Re: Using copper for sooty blotch
April 09, 2014 05:40PM
Hello! We're in Michigan, humid, and have two trees that are shaded next to pine trees and have had issues with just those two.....in addition to having to open up the airflow on these trees more than our other trees that are not in the shade for fast drying....we knocked the blotch out in the last couple of years with lime sulfur or sulfur at petal fall and first cover for primary infection, then we used Neem, compost tea, probiotics, and Regalia alternating the mix and spraying every 10-14 days. We had no trace of blotch or flyspeck. This year we'll forgo the Regalia for the most part and spray less and see if it's out of the orchard. Susan
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