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Tangle Trap

Posted by Peter Fisher 
Tangle Trap
July 28, 2015 07:19PM
I have about run out of Tangle Trap to replenish the red sticky cups for AFM and discovered that it is no longer available. Seems like a few places have Tanglefoot Insect Barrier paste, but not the paintable or sprayable Tangle Trap. I can't really see troweling the stuff on a plastic cup hanging from a tree. But something I read indicated that the Tangle Trap may be simply a less viscous paintable version of the paste. So could the paste be thinned to a paintable consistency? If so, with what? Is there an alternative to Tangle Trap that does the same thing?

Turkey Creek Orchard
Solon, Iowa (zone 5A)
Re: Tangle Trap
July 30, 2015 02:00AM
We too often see niche products like TangleTrap struggle to keep a business going. Some suggest chemicals are just so much easier to use. Sarcasm aside, growers need "sticky stuff" to trap out maggot fly, occasionally create trunk barriers, and other homemade options on the insect trapping front. We used to heat the gallon can of the pest barrier formulation to dip red wooden balls by the dozens upon dozens to trap out AMF. Today I indeed "trowel" this denser TangleTrap product onto Red Delicious apples for the same purpose (hanging far fewer traps on select trees rather than perimeter trapping as in the past). I just checked the Great Lakes IPM website -- my first source for insect monitoring supplies -- and they seem to have the full line of TangleTrap products in stock. Of course, a phone call may reveal otherwise.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
Re: Tangle Trap
August 18, 2015 04:29AM
Here's what I heard back from Great Lakes IPM. No help coming this year, but sounds like it should be available for next season.

"We are pretty much all out of the brush on tangle. Right now it does not look like it will get back into production until spring of 2016. Sorry, the new owners of the company are still in the organization stage for all the companies they purchased this spring and despite all our pleading to get some into production they have not."

Turkey Creek Orchard
Solon, Iowa (zone 5A)
Re: Tangle Trap
September 10, 2015 07:33PM
Hi Peter,

A little late in the response here. Sorry.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply is showing that it still has it in stock.

Tangle Trap 10 oz Spray Can @ $15.99 per can (not the cheapest price around)

Good luck

Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California
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