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What could be hatching in the soil right now?

Posted by Eliza Greenman 
What could be hatching in the soil right now?
August 14, 2015 06:01PM
Hi All,

I have a handful of American Guinea Hogs in the orchard right now and as of yesterday they started rooting when moved to the "paula red" segment of orchard. They normally don't root right off the bat, and will only do so when they have exhausted the leafy matter. There are plenty of apples and good forage for them to eat, yet they seem to be eating bugs right now. I can't get in there to figure it out, because they all run in to me for belly rubs when I get too close.

This has me wondering if something is hatching right now in the soil and making its way up?

Any ideas? Any resources for me to investigate? Perhaps its not an apple pest, but I'd like to know if it might be a beneficial insect or something else. Anyways, taking a shot in the dark...

Zone 4b
Champlain Valley

Re: What could be hatching in the soil right now?
August 15, 2015 03:55PM
Apple maggot fly (AMF) stragglers emerge through August as do next generation curculio who will be seeking overwintering grounds. Both seem quite small to attract hog attention. Grubs seem more likely so perhaps whatever else grows near and under these Paulared trees may be providing desired roots for June bugs and/or other beetle species. Pre-emergent fruiting bodies of a fungal mycelium can't be ruled out either as we're not the only ones who enjoy winecaps and the like. If the hogs are rooting where ramial wood chips were applied a few years back ... you probably just missed out on a great mushroom harvest, Eliza.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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