granulosis for codling moth
January 16, 2019 09:07PM
Bt no longer is good enough for codling moth at our orchard. We are going with either CYD-X or Virosoft CP 4. Anyone out there with experience with both? Pros and Cons? Tips?
Thank you!

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Re: granulosis for codling moth
January 18, 2019 04:39AM
Molly are you using neem ? I started using neem and surround 2006 / 2007 . Around 2012 I started using the odd virosoft If the heat here didn't allow me to use the neem . With 16000 lbs production I could count the damage on both hands . I may have raised an eyebrow or two with that statement so yes I may have missed some but not many . I found that my sales increased substantially
when the apples were polished . That was done by hand . I would find other damage but not CM .
Neem is no longer allowed in Canada , unhappy with two years of Entrust , will make virosoft the main spray this year .


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Re: granulosis for codling moth
January 18, 2019 08:38PM
Hi David,
We've been using neem for apple borer but not as a foliage spray. Cost prohibitive for us at this point but we would like to get to that point. I have been emailing with our Extension agent and he informed me Virosoft is not registered to use in Maine, but I am double checking with our Board of Pesticides. He also does not believe resistance will be an issue because the wild population outside the orchard is so much larger. So most likely going with CYD-X for this season.

Re: granulosis for codling moth
February 23, 2019 05:55PM
Hi David

Why is neem not allowed in Canada?


Editor's Note: You will find a worthy reply to this question in Using Neem Oil in Canada. This deserves renewed attention so best it be a new thread in its own right!

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