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Oriental Fruit Moth

Posted by Glenn Aldridge 
Oriental Fruit Moth
July 23, 2019 03:03AM
I'm on Long Island, Zone 7. I'm the caretaker of a small 1 and 1/2 acre orchard. We have had a tough time with OFM, which I knew was here because of the damage to the peach tree new growth year after year. On the recommendation of John at L.I. Cauliflower, I decided to try the Pacific Biocontrol twist ties for OFM. The product was expensive - I think I got 2 packs and it was around $250-$300? It took me an afternoon to apply them in the orchard, and around the orchard in the woods. Happy to report that the peach trees look great (although curculio decimated the crop), and the apples have a lot less damage than in past years. Product seems to work for me.... Aside, John also recommended using stylet oil in the dormant season. I did, and I think it did help with the various fungal problems... I did not spray anything else for fungus, and my leaves look really good. Now, if I can get on Michael's Curculio program, we might really be in business! We have apples.....Roxbury Russet looks great...Newtown Pippen looks good...Northern Spy looks good.... My earlier apples had a very poor pollination, but I'm not complaining this year...
Re: Oriental Fruit Moth
July 23, 2019 05:40PM
Madex is also reported to be effective against OFM and it is organic certified. It is expensive, but nowhere near as much as the product you used. It works against codling moth as well as OFM, which helps when you are a small orchard (we have one the same size as you) since the minimum quantities of some things exceed what you can use before the product expires.

I would be wary of peach leaf curl. It is easily controlled with a sulfur or copper spray during the dormant season. If it appears in your orchard some spring it will be too late to do anything about it that season and you will lose a lot of your crop. At least that's what happened to me.

Turkey Creek Orchard
Solon, Iowa (zone 5A)
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