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Bug Zappers for June Bugs

Posted by Brandt Schisler 
Bug Zappers for June Bugs
January 27, 2021 12:31AM
We are having issues with June bugs in our orchard. I thought of getting a bug zapper to help control them, but also thought perhaps it would do more harm to beneficial bugs than it would the June bugs? After further research I found a contraption created by a gentleman who's name is Ron Rayner. It consists of a poly barrel cut in half with a track light outside the barrel and inside the bottom of the barrel there is soapy water with the bug zapper hovering over the water. In most scenarios the June bugs will just land on the outside covering of the bug zapper and fall to the ground, but with this set up they fall into the soapy water. I thought I could take it a step further where I leave it on during the day and put a Japanese Beetle pheromone trap behind the bug zapper to create the ultimate doomsday trap for those pesky critters. These traps would obviously be on the outer edges of the orchard. Link to the trap is below and I look forward to everyone's thoughts on this set up and whether they think it will cause more harm than not. And yes, we are lucky enough to have electricity out in our Orchard.


Brandt Schisler
Hickory Ridge Orchard
Zone 6b in Missouri
Re: Bug Zappers for June Bugs
January 27, 2021 04:30PM
Thanks for that link. We also have June Bug issues during high summer, when they arrive in the orchard and ream out entire fruits as they ripen. I have never heard of another orchardist experiencing this issue (most of our conventional peers don't have this problem, surprise), and I'm sorry you do, but nice to hear your commiseration, and that you're trying to tackle the issue. At this point, while the June Bug damage is surprisingly extensive, it's sort of the least of our problems, but we may get to the point that intervention is necessary if we can ever take care of our summer rot problems (in fact, a growing rot lesion may make the June Bugs' entry into the fruit even easier).

Kordick Family Farm
Westfield, NC
Zone 7a
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