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Posted by Todd Parlo 
March 18, 2016 06:02PM
Honeygold has the possibilities of appealing to a lot of buyers, or eaters as it were. It is likable because it really does have a sort of honey sweetness and hooks those who find a lot of good apples too tart. It is crispy enough, and keeps a very long time with a good storage situation. Now, I find it is the more difficult in the lot to keep clean of scab. Since its best use is out of hand eating, this is unfortunate, and, keeping ability suffers with excessive scab. The tree is very hardy, but I find that renewal pruning is important in that a tree that calms down 15 years in has a habbit of getting spurry and allowing for weak renewal shoots unless you prune well. All said, a very nice apple to have around.

Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard
Zone 3 in Vermont
Re: Honeygold
June 17, 2019 10:33PM
Honeygold has been a great yellow apple for our northern orchard up until this last winter! We had a test winter here in North Dakota - 35°. I had 3 to 4 year old trees die completely down to the snow line. Older trees are severally set back!
Hope they pull through!
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