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Apple Varieties- giving the best help to fellow growers

Posted by Todd Parlo 
Apple Varieties- giving the best help to fellow growers
April 05, 2022 03:57PM
This pool of words about our apple varieties started off well but could use some routine additions, yes? Please take a few minutes and offer some experiences with an apple you would champion, or perhaps one you despise. I will add that we should pay attention to details we have ourselves experienced. The first to author a variety may add some basic lineage and description but the entries should really focus on how this apple is performing for you, how you are having success using it and so on. A good example would be the Haralson entry I did a while back- not necessarily as wordy, but along those lines for the first entry. What will be of service are things like disease/pest issues, storage qualities, flavor/ripening, cold hardiness evidence, vigor, stature(form), general reliability(including annual/biennial production), hanging quality, use in cider, etc. What is not helpful is a wikipedia or nursery catalog repitition. Keep in mind there is a cider apple variety category as well. The single best decision a grower can make is the proper selection of varieties. Since the cyberworld is replete with baloney, especially from "industry" the most trusted source is going to be your fellow growers.
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