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Welcome to the online community of the Holistic Orchard Network! Join with other fruit growers to explore what it takes to grow healthy fruit, find organic inspiration, and make new tree-minded friends. We encourage you to learn more about participating in our discussion forum for community orchardists. [0]

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One of the products touted by Marrone Bio Innovations is [url=
    - Michael Phillips        posted: 18Jun
Just wanted to share some info about using Fedco's tree paint formula for winter tree trunk painting. Their formula calls for 1/...
    - Pat Pryal        posted: 11Jun
I have a couple of bush cherries from the U Sask program. Each year, a few weeks after breaking dormancy and starting to form c...
    - David Maxwell        posted: 11Jun

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SEA-CROP is a soil stimulant and mineral feed supplement for animals.

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Time to stock up for the season! The network's Grower Resources page links to all sorts of suppliers, from trees to fungal support to soil testing. Take note of that 'orange pippin' indicating our business sponsors. Companies which promote these efforts rate a look. Welcome to Rue Creek Organics as our latest holistic champion.

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