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Welcome to the online community of the Holistic Orchard Network! Join with other fruit growers to explore what it takes to grow healthy fruit, find organic inspiration, and make new tree-minded friends. We encourage you to learn more about participating in our discussion forum for community orchardists. [0]

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Hot Topics

Does anyone know of a good source for gallon cider jugs in NH, or ME or VT or MA?
    - Kevin Frank        posted: 23Sep
Let's turn our attention to russeted fruit. This isn't about "natural russets" like Roxbury Russet and Hudson's Golden Gem but r...
    - Michael Phillips        posted: 11Sep
European hornets (and/or perhaps yellow jackets - not sure) are having a blast with our apples this year. We've always been hap...
    - Josh Willis        posted: 11Sep

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