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Welcome to the online community of the Holistic Orchard Network. Join with other growers to explore what it takes to grow healthy fruit, find organic inspiration, and make new tree-minded friends. The cutting edge discussion in our forum is geared towards folks growing fruit as part of their living, and certainly open to all to read and learn. Wassail!

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You have found the index to our online orchard community, and therefore the perfect place to begin exploring. Position your cursor over any of the forum links, give a click, and a new window opens. Have fun learning more about growing healthy fruit!

North Country Organics
Our Grower Resources page directs growers to all sorts of suppliers, from trees to fungal support to soil testing. Take note of the ‘orange pippin’ by certain listings, as these are our business sponsors. Purchasing off-farm inputs takes money so it means a lot to hook up with companies you can trust for straightforward information and quality products.

Hot Topics

Any advice on what scythe to buy for understory orchard management? Looking for a nice traditional wooden scythe that is well made that will last, not something I trust amazon to deliver for me. ...
    - Martin Thoburn        posted: 16Jun
Thymeguard --which is some sort of a concentrated oil made from Thyme-- sounds quite good and also rather scary. One thing I read appears to say that it is indiscriminate in what it kills. Do you ha...
    - John Bunker        posted: 4Jun
This is my first year attempting a “full” spray schedule, and pretty much every batch I’m applying has some rotting plant material in it, (nettles, comfrey, horsetail, garlic, etc...) Besides the fact...
    - Prairie Sundance        posted: 26May

Our Portal Page

is the table of contents for our online orchard community, and therefore the perfect place to begin exploring. Position your cursor over any of the links, give a click, and a new window opens. We invite you to poke around, have fun, and to read more about our basic site protocols.

Thinking Outside the Box

This overview of holistic orchard management sets the stage for growing healthy. Subtle answers to pest and disease challenges fall into place only once soil and tree health are achieved. 

Pommes de Terre
a snapshot from one of our Grower Profiles

Pommes de Terre

Dixon, Montana

Steve Dagger writes: “My growing philosophy is based on an awareness that all agricultural endeavors require reconciling two contrary realities. On the one hand natural cycles and variation in temperature and moisture control what soil and vegetation types will evolve and persist on my particular place on earth. On the other hand nearly all the plants I choose to grow are domesticated and require outside inputs and interventions to enable them to thrive.”

The Network becomes all the more engaging as orchardists get to know each other better. Posting a grower profile allows other growers to learn about your farm, your trees, your philosophy. >

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