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Welcome to the online community of the Holistic Orchard Network. Join with other growers to explore what it takes to grow healthy fruit, find organic inspiration, and make new tree-minded friends. The cutting edge discussion in our forum is geared towards folks growing fruit as part of their living, and certainly open to all to read and learn. Wassail!

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March 20, 2021
Biological Orcharding
    North Garden, Virginia
February 2 - 5, 2022
Wednesday - Saturday
Farming for The Future
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Scythe Supply
A scythe in hand is the right tool for a summer orchard walk. Targeted mowing to open up airflow round fruit trees can be interspersed with thinning crop load and scouting pest dynamics. We're pleased to have Scythe Supply as one of our premium business sponsors. Swish!

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Can anyone comment on strategies for the supposedly harmless webworm that is manifesting earlier and earlier in the growing season here in central New Hampshire?
    - Kevin Frank        posted: 20Oct
Recently I shared grower perspective with our orchard customers. I'm fairly confident about my "grading standards" but now I'm curious how other growers handle [i]the organic side of perfection[/i]. ...
    - Michael Phillips        posted: 15Oct
My MM111 trees were put into the ground feathered in 2014. Now nearing the end of their 7th growing season in my ground they are approaching mature size. Other than year 1 crow's foot training I have ...
    - Ethan Gouge        posted: 26Sep

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Blue Heron Orchard
a snapshot from one of our Grower Profiles

Blue Heron Orchard

Canton, Missouri

Dan Kelly writes: “If Illinois were pregnant, my orchard would be across the Mississippi, where the belly button goes. My soil is a wind-blown loess, deposited at the time of the receding glaciers. We grow a dozen varieties of apples, chosen for; ripening sequence, personal favorites, a few commercial interests and disease resistance.”

The Network becomes all the more engaging as orchardists get to know each other better. Posting a grower profile allows other growers to learn about your farm, your trees, your philosophy. >


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