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Why a press kit?

We believe deeply in the rightness of what we are doing: helping people grow healthy fruit. We also know from experience that this is not an easy thing to do. The competitors for quality nutrition are legion ...and I don't mean the megamarts and online food merchants. I mean the birds, bugs, and beasties that eagerly devour anything we grow before it's ready for human consumption. And then there's the  competition from 'the perfect fruit' – the faultless-looking (but too often taste-impaired) apples and picked-unripe stone fruit available in stores.


At the same time, we see around us a glorious reawakening of interest in local food -- we see it at farmer's markets and farm stands; we even see it in the organic section of our local megamart. We applaud the renaissance of ciders that follow the emergence of craft beers in the last two decades. None of this would be happening without a ready market.

This website represents the work of a network of experienced orchardists who are growing good fruit in practically every climate and continent. We want to share our knowledge and help backyard fruit growers and small-time orchardists produce the tastiest, most nutritious, most successful fruit possible ... and we in the Holistic Orchard Network have the means to do so.

We want to help, but we need your help: let every fruit tree thrive! Help us spread the gospel of good orcharding by linking to this website and telling everyone who might be interested about our work. 

Thank you.

- Michael Phillips

HON founder

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