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Getting to know one another all the better is part of the fun for this online community of fruit growers. Posting an insightful member profile here helps tell the rest of us about you and your trees!

Grower Profiles

who gets to have a profile?

Full-fledged members of the Holistic Orchard Network get invited to share greater detail about their orchards. This in turn helps others assess your orchard reality -- your location, hardiness zone, what fruits are being grown, acreage, management practices, and markets -- to better understand your perspective in the discussion forum. Folks who have financially supported this site are the true backbone of these efforts. We'd love to include you . . . join the team and you get to have a profile.

about that personal invitation:

Invitations to post a profile come when members sign up to participate in the forum. Please if for some reason we overlook sending you that invitation. Pay attention to the explicit instructions and all will go well. Remember, you work within a special site in shaping a profile so don't lose that invitation password if you ever want to refine your answers at some future date.

the basic questionnaire:

Tell us about your growing philosophy A few key details about management choices will help others understand your approach to growing healthy fruit.

Tell us about your place on Earth. The extent of your orchard, fruits in the ground, and growing zone specifics go here.

What draws you to growing fruit? Feel free to release your inner druid!

What holistic innovation most rocks your boat? Holistic Core Values as posted on the Grow Organic Apples website is a work in progress. Any suggestions?

How has an ecosystem approach changed your tree reality for the better? Building orchard health takes dedication. Time now to reveal the paybacks.

Share an “aha moment” that made you a better grower. Nothing beats recognizing how the next piece of the puzzle fits into a good plan!

What might you change if you could do one thing over again in your orchard?

How do you go about marketing the good fruit? Or simply sharing the excitement of growing your own?

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