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Fruit grown locally comes fresher and tastier. The choice of varieties gets to be astounding. Families who know their farmers share in a vital connection to the land. And that in turn means you are informed about decisions of how that fruit is grown.


We need to grow healthy food in the places where we live.


The venerable apple is absolutely what it should be when orchardists steward the growing of fruit with health-enhancing practices. Holistic Orcharding goes beyond certified organic, encompasses biodynamic principles, and at the same time is accommodating enough to recognize that some growers — in some places — facing certain pressures — in some seasons — may indeed feel compelled to use limited allopathic measures to keep a small-scale orchard viable. Ignoring the ecological cost of transporting food from thousands of miles away is wrong. What's right is helping consumers understand the dynamics that go into ‘one good apple’ and clearly pointing the way to where such fruit can be found.

Community work days can be a big help to any local orchardist. source: The Principles of Fruit Growing by L.H.Bailey, 1897, 1926.

Community work days can be a big help to any local orchardist. 

(source: The Principles of Fruit Growing by L.H. Bailey, 1897, 1926.)


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