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The Community Orchardist: Winter 2023

The Community Orchardist: Spring-Summer 2022

The Community Orchardist: Winter 2022

The Community Orchardist: Summer 2021

The Community Orchardist: Spring 2021

The Community Orchardist: Winter 2021

The Community Orchardist: Summer 2020

The Community Orchardist: Spring 2020

The Community Orchardist: Winter 2020

The Community Orchardist: Spring 2019

The Community Orchardist: Winter 2019


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Staying Current 

Our Community Orchardist newsletter serves as a clearinghouse for constantly evolving ideas observed on the healthy orcharding front. The emphasis is always on ecosystem health – whether we're talking about a community orchard or backyard trees for the family.

The lessons of each new season add to our collective knowledge base, provided we take time to pay attention to Nature's insistent teachings. The current editions in michael's orchard trilogy benefit from this online opportunity to stay updated to cutting edge thinking in the orcharding world.

Please send along those intriguing tidbits that come across your tree radar to share in future articles. Collaboration between growers is how we move ahead!

I said to the almond tree, ‘Friend, speak to me of God,’ and the almond tree blossomed.
Nikos Kazantzakis

As the years go by . . .

Go to our Newsletter Archives to peruse older issues of  the Community Orchardist . We suggest making use of our site search engine (found at the bottom of every page) to dig deep into any given topic. Earlier writings gradually get rolled into curriculum articles and book content over the course of time. 


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Holistic Insight #69  High above, kestrels can watch for movement in the grass as voles scurry while beauty unfolds.


This circle of friends

The bond between growers is unmistakable. We speak the same language. We share in the sacrament of this one holy earth. We want to see each other succeed. You're about to discover how to directly contact our grower-members. Everyone here makes a living in some way or another working with fruit trees.

Please feel free to spread word of these orchard listings so more families can discover us.

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