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Building the Community Orchard Movement

This grower's collaborative is about bringing Orchard Health to the fore.

Health is not a concept emphasized in the national organic certification standards. Nor does health necessarily have value in research trials . . . reductionist agriculture will never be able to grasp the worth of woodsy compost, fungal allies, herbal remedies, biodiversity, and tree-ripened fruit. The health contained in nutrient-dense fruit supports our health. This is 'the word' driving all we are going to achieve in community-based orchards as we learn how to better grow wholesome fruit. 

That very first step...

Our intentions are to keep all aspects of this site open to everyone. From the free newsletter to the discussion forum to perusing cutting edge articles to research participation. All without irritating ads. We ask that appreciative users of this work help share the costs.

Will you consider making a supporting donation now?



Holistic Insight #17   The spring feeder root flush can be abetted by laying down the meadow sward as dripline mulch around each tree following bloom.

Growers know it takes tenacity to bring in the harvest. We're betting on orchardists, researchers, like-minded organizations, and the occasional fruit lover taking this tree cause to heart.


The Holistic Orchard Network is a great way for growers all over the world to share information. The more we learn from each other,
the better our fruit will be.
Brian Caldwell, organic orchardist in New York

Onward and beyond

We encourage every fruit grower to become a full-fledged member of the Holistic Orchard Network.  You can achieve this on a cumulative basis or all at once.  Member benefits kick in at the $100 contribution mark.

Sponsorship from those doing business in the regenerative ag realm are integral to the progress we've made to date.

Finally, know this. Relatively few step to the plate in this society today. Yet that smaller contribution now and then turns out to be 'the third leg' of keeping this vision to the fore.

We are grateful for each and every one of you.  


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