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Network Membership

Membership in this network makes certain the community orchard movement.

Health-minded orchardists are rewarded in turn for making this commitment. The saying goes the more, the merrier. Each of us gets to ponder broader perspective when insights are shared in our discussion forum and through investigative research. Orchard listings – seen by many! – expand our market reach. More tree friends are a boon in this life. Having a support network helps to keep challenges manageable.

Basic membership is achieved once $100 in cumulative donations are received.

Those members selling fruit are encouraged to take avail of a Community Orchards listing . . . this is how fruit lovers are going to find you. Home orchard members get to participate in our online community for grower interaction. Members crafting fine cider can be found in our Farm Cideries listings. Arborists and landscape companies tending to home fruit plantings can be found in our Tree Stewards listings. Members growing fruit trees for sale can be found in our Bioregional Nursery listings. Those members providing professional orchard advice as Consultants bring holistic perspective to the fore.

Support your Local Cidermaker

Are you ready to do the deed?

We achieve so much more working together. How delightful to have you join these efforts to grow healthy fruit!


Click that button and agree to a minimum twenty units of 'holistic intention' and you are a full-fledged member of the Holistic Orchard Network. Or, if you prefer, we invite you to send a check made out to:

Holistic Orchard Network
c/o Michael Phillips
859 Lost Nation Road
Groveton, NH 03582

All contributions will be acknowledged in the next edition of the Community Orchardist newsletter. Network support can be deducted as a legitimate business expense – commercial growers categorize such as advertising or membership in a professional organization.

Setting up a listing 

We need your contact information to create a listing in whatever category. Farm websites are highly recommended to inform people seeking wholesome fruit what you offer and pertinent marketing information.

We do post logo graphics so please send us that personalized artwork (as a digital file with sufficient pixels) that expresses your unique orcharding spirit. The better logo will be more square than elongated for optimum display.

  logo: Frog Pond Farm Providing a
logo graphic
gives oomph
to your


Truth in advertising

We ask that all members with an orchard listing of one sort or another agree in principle to certain Grower Core Values. We expect you to share openly with interested customers all management choices deemed necessary on a particular orchard site. Many of our growers do not use synthetic chemicals at all and are quite happy to talk about organic alternatives to allopathic recourse.


Memberships renewals

Keeping your membership in good standing necessitates a modicum of financial support for these efforts every few years. You decide the amount you wish to contribute and the frequency thereof to renew. Bonus benefits continue from there: Our periodic assessment of spray product pricing saves you money by introducing a wider range of suppliers. Your listing will remain current. Access to the Member's Corner in our discussion forum brings you into the inner sanctum. Heck, we'll even throw in the Secret Tattoo!



Growing healthy fruit on this good earth is the real blessing.


Grower profiles

Getting to know one another is part of the fun of joining this network. Those members participating in our discussion forum can post a grower profile to share about their management approach and site particulars. Setting up a profile starts with requesting an invitation to do so from headquarters. Check out our current roster of inspiring tree people, all of whom are advancing the learning curve to grow fruit in healthy ways.

What's Next:
The Money Trail

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