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Apprentice subscriber $20/year
Advanced level subscriber $100/year*
Business/Orchard Sponsor (partial) $250/year*
Business/Orchard Sponsor (full) $500/year*
* Note the asterisks: the amounts shown are 'money only' but the Network will express its gratitude for in-kind contributions. For example, a business member, who receives an enhanced Resource listing, will be able to sustain membership by offering a discount to Professional (“Secret Tattoo”) members. Forum participants whose contributions add notably to the dialog will be awarded credits by the forum's moderators. Articles shared in the newsletter and research papers posted on the website will earn membership credits for their authors.
We are very interested in your thoughts on this matter!
Are we on the right track for preserving and strengthening the Network?
Will asking subscribers to pay for the Newsletter
reduce our reach too drastically?
What, in real world terms, is our information worth to YOU?

We envision the Network as a consensus-based organization, and welcome your feedback on these proposals. Likewise, there's more than enough work to grow the Network, keep the website and newsletter useful, and develop the special programs that will benefit backyard growers and larger scale orchardists. If you want to help, please let us know.

Our current thoughts on the rights and privileges appertaining to the various levels of subscribing in the Network. Please note all fees are annual. 

Non-subscriber access (free) :

  • Limited view of HON website
  • Newsletter (does not include Community Orchardist)


Apprentice Subscription $20

  • Community Orchardist newsletter
  • Apprentice's Forum full viewing
  • Apprentice's Forum unlimited posting

Advanced Level   $100

  • Advanced Level Forum full reading access
  • Advanced Level Forum unlimited posting
  • Full access to the Library
  • Full listing in the Resource Lists
  • Community Orchardist Newsletter

Business Sponsor (partial) $250

  • All subscriber items listed above
  • Access to all of the following Perk List items:
  • Resource listings on our site

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Business Sponsor (full) $500

  • All subscriber items (including Perks) listed above
  • Enhanced Resource Listings and Page sponsorship
  • Subsciber fee may be reduced to $250 if a discount is offered to Professional sponsor
  • new Business Sponsor by invitation only (apply to

the Perk List

  • Updated price list for materials
  • Holistic spray program (also continually updated based on research)
  • Product discounting (dependent on advertiser accounts)
  • Access to research pages (HON research projects)
  • Access to reviews of important research from other sources
  • Access to HON grant project enrollment
  • Access to HON grant results
  • Additional pages like the sap journal, bionutrient musings.
Some of these items are under development and will become available soon.

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