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Tree Fruit Nutrition

Soil test interpretation, plant sap analysis, organic amendments, orchard compost, cation balance, micronutrients, fertigation ... all for growing "nutrient dense" fruit. 
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spring gypsum

by Michael Phillips
80201/13/2022 05:19PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

formulating assist

by Michael Phillips
435701/03/2022 05:59PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Wood ashes

by Zea Sonnabend
2,050509/15/2021 12:28AM
Last Post by Josh Willis


by Nathaniel Bouman
277309/03/2021 05:35AM
Last Post by Nathaniel Bouman

Pushing sluggish growth on 2nd leaf apples

by David Fulton
295608/18/2021 04:57AM
Last Post by David Fulton

Silicon: Foliar vs. Soil Application

by Brittany Kordick
522403/12/2021 10:12PM
Last Post by Brittany Kordick

bitter pit

by Brian Caldwell
980506/18/2020 04:35PM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

Sour milk

by Brandt Schisler
809306/17/2020 04:42PM
Last Post by Brandt Schisler

Ripening mystery

by Josh Willis
1,654802/19/2020 05:17AM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

Super Diverse Fungal Dominate Composting

by Karn Piana
4,504403/16/2019 04:59AM
Last Post by Karn Piana

Using neem oil in Canada

by David Maxwell
5,468303/03/2019 05:05PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

SPreading Mineral fertilizer in winter

by Jason MacArthur
1,293302/10/2019 08:43PM
Last Post by Jason MacArthur

spent grains

by Tom Kleffman
1,317102/06/2019 05:32AM
Last Post by Tom Kleffman

Proneness to early drop

by Pat McBride
1,603411/19/2018 08:24AM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

Fresh seaweed from Maine

by John Snowdon
2,136403/03/2018 08:08PM
Last Post by John Snowdon

Soil Test Questions; Bone Meal vs. Rock Phosphate

by Philip Hopkins
6,385203/02/2018 10:42PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

Managing Over-fertile Soil

by Pat McBride
1,987302/01/2018 05:45AM
Last Post by Pat McBride

the virtues of russeting

by Michael Phillips
2,801411/23/2017 06:49PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

fermented plant extracts

by Michael Phillips
5,542701/28/2016 11:38PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Nutrient Dense Management

by Todd Parlo
4,352706/06/2015 03:42AM
Last Post by Nick Segner

up the P

by Paul Townsend
4,452702/15/2015 09:57PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Calculating acreage for soil amendments

by Doug Newman
4,064502/02/2015 06:46PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Composted Horse Manure with sawdust

by Nathaniel Bouman
3,927111/10/2014 12:59AM
Last Post by Nathaniel Bouman

Leaf Tests Show Low Mg, S an Cu. . .and Very Low P?

by Paul Goettlich
5,281909/17/2014 08:40PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

investing in micronutrients

by Michael Phillips
6,827404/12/2014 08:52PM
Last Post by Jeb Thurow

foliar feeding and phosphorous

by David Doncaster
7,640103/30/2014 07:43AM
Last Post by David Doncaster

soil amendment distinctions

by Fabio Chizzola
8,079409/11/2013 04:42PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

improve the soil, say goodbye to pests?

by David Maxwell
5,755708/01/2013 12:42AM
Last Post by David Maxwell

boron from wood ash

by Kevin Frank
7,439306/04/2013 06:27AM
Last Post by Paul Weir

fish emulsion application rates

by Leigh Wiley
7,740202/25/2013 09:23PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips