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Spray Nuance

Calcium uptake, herbal fermentation, liquid fish, pure neem oil, pest options, the mineral fungicides, impact of same on microbes ... from timing and tank mixing to sourcing spray materials and evaluating effectiveness. 
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Making green tea with Japanese Knot Weed

by Leslie Price
72407/03/2021 03:55PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Pear sensitivity to neem oil?

by Tim Bates
9,9092006/05/2021 04:58PM
Last Post by Josh Willis


by John Bunker
179306/05/2021 02:28PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

How much rain does a "rain event" make?

by Josh Willis
221506/03/2021 05:53PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Filtering fermented funk

by Prairie Sundance
188205/27/2021 06:08PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Holistic Spray Economics

by Ian Graham
2,631805/03/2021 08:31PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

EM overnight, how low can you go?

by Chris Vlitas
196305/03/2021 04:18AM
Last Post by Chris Vlitas

Neem Pure - Definitive Guide to Mixing

by Mike Biltonen
2,0971704/14/2021 05:59AM
Last Post by Josh Willis

Overlap of oils with sulfur

by Joanne Patton
5,649804/13/2021 07:39PM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

using urea from urine?

by Colin Lundy
240104/01/2021 12:57AM
Last Post by Colin Lundy

combining the use of potassium bicarbonate and micro sulfur

by Nathaniel Bouman
965703/28/2021 08:35PM
Last Post by Sebastian Luczak

Shelf life for liquid fish?

by James Smith
289403/20/2021 02:26PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

High Oxygen & Hydrogen via Energized Carbon

by Brandt Schisler
286202/23/2021 07:14PM
Last Post by Brandt Schisler

liquid fish sourcing

by Michael Phillips
1,760702/14/2021 08:12PM
Last Post by Brandt Schisler

jugs of spinosad

by Chris Vlitas
478801/15/2021 09:39PM
Last Post by Molly DellaRoman

Beneficial Bubble Machine

by Eliza Greenman
564301/13/2021 04:39AM
Last Post by Brittany Kordick

Spraying with freezing temps forecast at night

by Peter Drevniok
587205/06/2020 12:36AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen


by Zea Sonnabend
4,289903/31/2020 04:08PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Using neem as dormant oil spray

by gloria bell
793303/11/2020 02:44PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

MicoGrow soluble added to holistic spray?

by Karen Brindle
889212/04/2019 09:42PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Fall Holistic Spray - Freezing Temps

by Peter Drevniok
816211/12/2019 03:50PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Liquid fish stabilization - DRAMM

by Tim Pierce
1,100208/02/2019 02:04PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Weedy concoction

by Olin Erickson
903107/09/2019 12:33AM
Last Post by Olin Erickson

sourcing pure neem oil in Canada

by Peter Drevniok
49,7051306/30/2019 01:40AM
Last Post by gloria bell

Latest timing for last holistic spray?

by Josh Willis
994206/28/2019 04:32PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

herbal extractions for sprays

by Tom Kleffman
1,235703/12/2019 01:02AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

silica tea

by David Mobley
1,194402/25/2019 05:13AM
Last Post by David Mobley

EM's and dormant copper

by David Doncaster
1,684502/13/2019 11:37PM
Last Post by Joanne Patton

overheated neem oil

by David Mobley
1,295201/21/2019 04:11PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

varietal responses to neem sprays

by Graham Savio
1,670307/10/2018 05:30PM
Last Post by Christian Annese