Steel Posts for Apple Support Trellis'
February 16, 2016 03:34AM
Hello All,

Has anybody had any experience using steel pipe or steel angle iron for tall spindle trellis support for dwarf apple trees? First question is does the steel act as a lightning magnet? Any other thoughts or experience is appreciated.

Russ Martin
Zone 4 Extreme West Central Wisconsin
Re: Steel Posts for Apple Support Trellis'
February 16, 2016 03:50AM
I have no experience personally, but one of the older orchards, (organic), locally has a whole block of trees supported on salvaged 1.5" iron pipe, probably 12 ft. long. (There is at least 9 ft. above ground.) They made no mention of any problems when I enquired this past summer.

Broomholm Orchard
Zone 5b in Nova Scotia
Re: Steel Posts for Apple Support Trellis'
March 24, 2016 04:32PM
I used steel angle (1 1/2" by 1 1/2 ", 5/16 thickness and 10 feet lengths) for my row of
dwarf trees (non-spindle) last spring.I do not know if they are lightning "magnets".
The only issue is to make sure the trees are secured with a somewhat rigid fastener
to prevent the tree (trunk, branches) from rubbing against the steel otherwise the
bark will definitley scar - or use foam pipe insulators around the steel posts.

zone 4B, Wakefield, Quebec
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