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cookie reset / password troubles

Posted by Michael Phillips 
cookie reset / password troubles
January 11, 2015 09:03PM
I've spent the better part of a month trying to regain my administrator status, as the hidden site where background stuff happens to accept new participants to the forum, set up grower profiles, and list upcoming events ... no longer recognized me as "the guy" trying to keep up with it all. My admin password had seemingly gone belly up.

Similarly, I know a few of you have password issues as well. You come back to post on the grower's forum but can no longer gain participant access. (Remember, you can always view forum posts if you forego logging in.) You request a new password and nothing apparently happens. On this end, I can see your user name and account activity but not what was chosen for an account password ... and this has confounded both of us!

It turns out that certain browsers in concert with particular operating systems require an occasional RESET OF THE COOKIE behind password authorization. My personal member account in the forum (where I post as 'me') is viewed in Internet Explorer powered by Windows 7, and this has worked perfectly from day one. I chose to have my password remembered by the system ... and it indeed does. Voila! My admin account, however, is viewed in Google Chrome, same computer with Windows 7, but now I apparently need to reset password recognition (via the "cookie" ) annually in order to keep things humming along. Michael Potts, our portal guru, helped with the tech behind this in the past but this year I attempted to understand the process. Yeah, and so time passed.

Actually, resetting a cookie so a given password works isn't that difficult. It just involves my sharing temporary admin access with you, in order for you to reset your chosen password for the year to come. I can't give full instructions here, publicly, but write me and we will get you back in the saddle if requesting a new password isn't working automatically.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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