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html coding

Posted by Michael Phillips 
html coding
August 09, 2012 10:42PM
This suggestion has been made about using text enhancements in messages:
Simpler is better. Be cautious with text enhancements, and be sure to preview before posting if you are in doubt.

Making a font bold or what have you is done by means of those 19 (and counting) HTML coding buttons aligned across the top of a message box. Some of these are very straightforward: highlight the phrase under consideration, push the button, and formatting code appears to accomplish your intent. Others are a bit more tricky, however.

•Choosing to use color font puts coding in brackets at the very start of the message (regardless of the text marked for such treatment) which can then be subsequently dragged immediately before and after the words you desire to appear in color.

•Applying a hot link to a term or web address requires you have the URL for the target site readied to paste into the script prompt box.

•The image option requires a separate URL for such an insertion to be made. Again, just be prepared for the script prompt.

•Making a bulleted or numbered list requires a script prompt assignation of the list items desired and then properly positioning the coding. The selected portion of a message will be indented as well. Aye, still some bugs to be worked out with this.

•A quote box can be used in a reply to recapture something someone says in a different post. The resulting script prompt asks for whom to attribute the pasted quote . . . and voila! . . . that passage appears boxed in the preview and thus the final message.

•Smilies have a mind of their own at this point . . . these are definitely to be used with discretion.

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