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Posted by Michael Phillips 
site navigation
August 26, 2012 05:21PM
A number of options for getting there from here exist on the portal page. The forum button on the top menu bar takes you directly to the index for all orcharding discussion, just talk, and site dynamics. The portal page is truly the "starting gate" for participating in the online community. This is why the direct link provided in the left-hand menu -- online community -- at GrowOrganicApples (the network website) connects to the portal page.

The 'Forum Categories' and 'Hot Topics' boxes on the portal page provide multiple links to the most recent posts. Big hint that! The first will become a more obvious tool when the many orchard forums become active. I expect we will expand the number of forums showing here as it can be quite useful to check the date of the most recent posting in a given category that interests you. Similarly, hot topics could show another post or two but that's going to crowd the portal view (methinks). The original message is what shows rather than any "hot replies" to that message. But you get the idea . . .

Look for all the usual suspects within the forum itself. Opened threads come with top buttons to return you to the forum list (think category index) or the message list (posts within a category). And then there's always "bread-crumb navigation" showing the entire pathway back to the start in the navigation bar.

The logos on all these pages also connect onward. The green heading on forum pages returns one to the portal. The tree logo on portal-related pages returns one there as well. The "apple philosopher" in the footer will take you to our parent website at GrowOrganicApples. What I call "cul-de-sac pages" in the Library show the colorful picker logo with back links spelled out immediately below. What's important here is being able to get around. And ultimately that comes down to a viewer's willingness to explore and take note of hot links with the cursor.

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