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site downtime

Posted by Michael Phillips 
site downtime
July 31, 2020 02:55PM
You may have noticed that there have been periods this past month when all aspects of GrowOrganicApples have been unavailable, including the forum. In a nutshell, we're being subject to a cyber-attack by a French ISP address. Our webster reports that "somehow the slime dwellers are managing to open connections and keep them open. This is a variation on what's called a Denial of Service attack -- can't argue with that: we are indeed denied the use of our site, plus our potential users are too." The likely solution is going to be to switch hosts. You won't be aware of that happening but in the meanwhile there very likely will be periods when the site is down. Just be patient and check back later. These events don't last much more than twenty-four hours.

In a similar vein, the software we use for this discussion forum, called Phorum, does not quite transition from the newer secure version of an URL address. (Speaking now of https versus http:www being used as the website prefix.) Those of you accessing our grower's forum from the Portal page at https://groworganicapples.com/portal.php initially see a simplified index view. One click in, however, and the HTML view returns and then you can move about the forum in the fashion you're used to seeing. This won't change until Phorum upgrades the software but certainly is manageable in the meanwhile.

Give me bacterial spot and curculio any day instead!

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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