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Forbidden Words (Watch what you write!)

Posted by Michael Potts 
Forbidden Words (Watch what you write!)
September 18, 2013 07:03PM
One of our number, David Maxwell, in attempting to post to the Healthy Harvest thread, used a naughty word -- I can't write it out here or our Forum's host will reject my message, but it's the name of the substance derived from the mold that grows on bread, discovered by Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming, and considered a miracle in the treatment of a number of ills, including some, I guess (not being a dedicated apple wonk) in the orchard.
When he tried to post, he received an error message that DID NOT enlighten him as to the problem, but instead told him
Our Web Host
Not Acceptable
An appropriate representation of the requested resource /phorum/posting.php could not be found on this server.
David speculates that the reason this word is on the index expurgatorius of our web host is that it is often used in ads for cut-rate Canadian drugs. (David writes from Canada.)
So here's the deal: If you try to post something, and your posting is rejected with the above message, try to find the word or words that are forbidden, and write around them. AND post your findings here.
Once you find the offending word, try putting a space in the middle, or a dash, or an apostrophe. We'll figure it out.
Meanwhile, I am going to complain to our web hosts. This strikes me as censorship, raw and ugly as it gets, as well as stupid and reflexive. If they can't accommodate a bunch of folks trying to make healthy fruit, they're sick puppies.

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Forbidden Word list (experimental)
September 18, 2013 07:06PM
These words apparently trigger our web host's "bad word filter":

peni cillin

(Note that I have interpolated a space to break the word so it passes the censor; you can do that if you find your posting being censored. I imagine that a hyphen would work too. Experiment ...and post your findings here.)

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Re: Forbidden Words (Watch what you write!)
September 18, 2013 09:53PM
The hosts report that they have "found and corrected a mod_security rule" that caused the problem reported above. They have asked me to test. Here goes:
Okay. We are apparently clear to write penicillin.
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