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"Invasive" worms

Posted by Alice Sky 
"Invasive" worms
September 25, 2021 07:55PM
There is a lot of media hype about this threat. But, what about the holistic perspective?
To quote Michael Phillips:

"There's a powerful saying in the microbial world: Everything is everywhere.

It's not about the "presence" of fire blight, Robbie, but rather the opportunity for this bacterial disease to take off.

I doubt your grafted trees are infected on the vascular level if you've seen no signs of shoot dieback.

Which doesn't mean the disease potential is not on the surface of those trees . . . or the surface of other trees where those trees will go. Or perhaps even on you!

Too many growers do not understand the disease paradigm, frankly. It's not about medications to deal with the vector but rather system health to make the vector improbable. Don't allow the "stressed niche" (by means of an approach known as holistic orcharding) and the "everything everywhere" more often than not cannot take hold. Fire blight bacteria do not like a crowd thus the underlying strategy here will always be competitive colonization of blossom surfaces and the like.
From October 5th 2016

Focusing on "invasives" is like focusing on the vector, rather than system health. Does not the principle of competitive colonization hold true for worms, soil, landscapes, gardens, and human and other animal health?

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