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hammer mill for crushing apples

Posted by Tom Kleffman 
hammer mill for crushing apples
December 04, 2021 06:48PM

This is a guy who manufactures small scale precious metal mining hammer mills giving a try at making apple cider. Appears to work well and is mobile.

Re: hammer mill for crushing apples
December 05, 2021 04:30AM
And extremely expensive, especially if made of stainless steel. Also a bit of a chore to clean, I'm sure. I have a Wallenstein BXM32 that uses a hammermill. I used it to crush apples that were stung by codling moth, but it is primarily for leaves and brush up to 3cm/1"

For cider I have a Speidel press. Crushes as fast as you can drop them in the hopper, and a breeze to clean.


Washington Okanogan Valley
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