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The Orchard Classifieds

Posted by Todd Parlo 
The Orchard Classifieds
November 11, 2022 02:21PM
Just a reminder that we have a classified section here in the forum. This is the place for us orchard people to post farm and craft related items of sale to the community. It is also the place to inquire for said items. Although this is NOT the place for full-fledged business advertising, apple orchards are welcome to post the crop and related tasty items, cider included. In our neck of the woods farm equipment, cider paraphernalia, and assorted tools are constantly going back and forth. It is also a good way to find out how these things have worked for folks or other good information (and more accurate than what we find in an amazon review). Job postings are welcome, as are trading opportunities and barter. This also may be a good space to talk with locals about bulk buying opportunities, especially in this moment of aggravating shipping costs and price hikes (think barrels of liquid fish, spray materials, etc.). So, a gentle nudge, this is a perk of the forum for you all to take advantage of.
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